Mathematica for Grade 12

According to the Educational and Training Policy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the second cycle of the secondary education and training will enable your students to choose


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What you'll learn

  • To this end, the specific objectives of mathematics learning at this cycle are to
  • enable the students to:
  • gain solid knowledge on mathematical concepts, theorems, rules and methods.
  • appreciate the changing power, dynamism, structure and elegance of
  • mathematics.
  • apply mathematics in their daily life.
  • understand the essential contributions of mathematics to the fields of
  • engineering, science, agriculture and economics at large.
  • work with this knowledge more independently in the field of problem solving.

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Mathematical study in grade 12 should be understood as the unity of imparting knowledge, developing abilities and skills and forming convictions, attitudes and habits. Therefore, the didactic-methodical conception has to contribute to all these sides of the educational process and to consider the specifics of students’ age, the function of the secondary school level in the present and prospective developmental state of the country, the pre-requisites of the respective secondary school and the guiding principles of the subject mathematics. Besides learning to think effectively and efficiently, your students come to understand how mathematics deals with their daily and routine lives and with lives of the people at large. Your students are also expected to realize the changing power of mathematics and its national and international significance.


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